06 Jan

I can boldly declare that I am C.U.T.E. and anointed today, but that was not always the case. Let me explain the cost of my call.

My life from conception to age 15 and beyond, is what I describe as a roller coaster of events and emotions that have come together to help make me the person I am today.

I was born to a teen mom (someone advised her to abort me…thank God she did not listen!) 

We lived for a few years with my grandparents before she got married and we moved. Up until this time, my roller coaster was calm, but gradually moving towards the first big drop – someone I trusted and looked up to, deceived and betrayed me by getting me drunk at the tender age of eight. This led to me being sexually molested, shattering my young life.

Since that first big drop, the roller coaster of my life took many different twists and turns including domestic violence episodes, verbal and emotional abuse, introduction to pornography, and living in an overall negative and hostile environment for a few years.

My confidence was shattered as I spiraled downward with each traumatic event. The once bubbly and outgoing child was a shell of the person she used to be - now withdrawn and quiet.

I felt broken.

As the years progressed, I evolved into a teen who was trapped and looking for a way out. I went from being a compliant, good girl to acting out, being feisty and ultimately resorting to rebellion.

I was not the prime candidate for ‘The Call’ (or so I thought) I was not raised in a pristine environment; I did not attend church regularly as a child, but God somehow had His hand on me. When I got to be a bit too much for my mother to handle, with her having two other children and after a messy divorce, she reluctantly allowed me to stay with my praying grandmother.

Here is where my life started to shift gears. It took some time, but my personality started shining through again. I was able to experience the true love of God and I gave myself to Christ that Easter because He showed me that He was the friend of my wounded heart.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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