Relationship Coaching and Conferences

We impact marriages. God has given us a grace to strengthen marriages and help those in pre-marital relationships to establish a solid foundation.

Candidly, tastefully and with transparency, we take on the joys and challenges of marriage from a biblical and practical perspective. We find that in our sessions, people are free to share honestly and ask questions without feeling shamed for doing so. 

With the use of our book, Marriage: A Loveseat for Two written by my husband, along with other noteworthy books on the subject, we combine the latest research with anecdotal experiences to bring awareness and clarity. 

Couples have noted that they leave our sessions feeling like their marriages were strengthened. Even couples whose marriages are thriving, gain from the experience of interacting with others and leave affirmed in their efforts to further enhance a strong marriage.  

We are able to do one-day or multiple day conferences based on the need of the group requesting our services. 

We personally host an annual marriage and relationship conference titled "Love Fusion" based on the scripture that says "...What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder" Matthew 19:6

Contact us for information about our conferences or schedule a time for us to come in and present at your next event. Daubon Requisition Form.docx

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